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Hear It from Them

“I have had one of the most amazing readings by R'Delle and I am not just saying that. I actually have had many readings in my life and this one was definitely one of the most profound. R’Delle is truly gifted and able to channel your "Higher Self" or "Soul" and the information she delivers is right on the mark. I found great feedback and comfort in her reading.
As a Life Coach I know I am in charge of my own destiny and create the reality of my life by being in touch with my Higher Self. Hearing the voice of my “Higher Self” brought great comfort in knowing I was on the right track in my life. I highly recommend R’Delle’s reading to anyone who is looking to know their life purpose. Many blessings to her as she is giving so much in her readings.”

Francoise Muller
Life Coach

"R'Delle is a wonderfully clear channel of the soul.  As an Animal Communicator and interpreter of people's bodies I have a very high standard of who I allow to read for me.  I found R'Delle's work to be so accurate, so uplifting and so truthful with the knowing of my own soul that I was blown away by her ability to hit the nail on the head and confirm the messages I had been receiving from my own soul.  I felt so light, so loved and nurtured during and after our reading that I cannot wait to have another one."

Alecia Evans
Animal Communicator


"R’Delle is the real deal! Over the last 20 years I have had many readings and intuitive sessions with a variety of practitioners. The clear, fluent and loving manner in which R’Delle brings through information from the Ascended Masters and Archangels was evident from the moment our session began. I could clearly feel the energy of the beings who were present and resonated with everything that R’Delle said. I especially appreciate her suggestions for tools and techniques to use to anchor the information and energy. I look forward to having a follow up session and highly recommend R’Delle to anyone wanting clarity, guidance and confirmation of their path."

"What a Blessing to have such a wonderful light worker in our community. I had a life changing reading with R'Delle, and it was a wonderful experience. Through her work she has answered many questions I have had. I feel more grounded and connected than I did before our session and have more clarity about how to move forward in my life. I would recommend R'Delle to anyone who wanted to know their self better. What a great gift! It has been a real treat for me and my family. I am looking forward to my next session . . . ."

Greta Daniels

Wendy Carney

"R'Delle is a powerful channel for the Ascended Masters, Archangels and Other Light Beings. I have been having consistent sessions with her for over 20 years now and I am continually impressed with the clarity of her information and the compassion and grace she emanates as she does her soul readings. My sessions with R'Delle have helped me with professional situations like preparing me for major international land transactions, alerting me to problems I was unaware of that resulted in saving the life of my horse, assisting me with challenging life experiences, and helping me to open up spiritually to all the help that was available to me through my guides."

"R'Delle is a clear and generous light worker. In my recent soul reading an issue was brought up that had been so much a part of my life for the past 40 years that I didn't recognize it. It was a creation of my own that had no foundation in reality. Once I recognized part of it, the other facets became clearer and clearer. Now my heart is open and I feel so much lighter and more whole than ever before! As well as sending an mp3 file of my soul reading, R'Delle included many other helpful tools that I am having great fun learning to use!"


"R'Delle has such a beautiful gift to share. My time with her during my Soul Reading was beyond meaningful and gave me insight and validation in many areas of my life. Her words and energy continue to resonate with me and are such ongoing blessings. I would highly recommend anyone to spend some time getting reconnected with themselves through R'Delle's soul readings."

Magan Weber

"Recently, I received a soul reading from R’Delle that came at the perfect time. The reading helped me gain clarity and was a significant reassurance that all is well. I especially enjoyed her energy and the loving manner in which she performed the soul reading. I highly recommend giving yourself the gift of listening to your soul. It is truly awesome!"

Gavin Weber

"R'Delle comes through with amazing sense of clarity in her readings, very informative and precise information that comes through her from the Masters. I would recommend a session with her to anyone that was interested in connecting with their soul path and gaining a deeper insight on what is happening in their lives and journey."


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