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R'Delle's Story

R'Delle is a Soul Reader & Spiritual Counselor in Trinidad, CA.

My story is not unlike anyone else's story - with a beginning, a middle, and an end.  I am in the middle of my life now, and I am learning to live from that place of who I truly am, from my Presence.  

I live on the Redwood Coast of Northern California by the ocean, I am married to my soul mate, and we have a twenty something daughter adopted from China who amazes us daily!  She has brought a whole new understanding to what it means to love someone beyond measure.  She is truly a cherished blessing in our lives. And now we have an extended family (former exchange student) daughter from China, who attends college a few hours away and still graces us with her presence occasionally!!  


From a very young age I knew (as did my mom) that I was different.  In our beautiful little country church on Sunday mornings I would sit in our family pew at the back of the church and look at everyone's colors.  I knew that if I talked about it I would be "shushed".    Healing energy moved through my hands - heat, vibrations and a kind of "knowingness" - when I held an injured bird or a kitten.  I understood that I was a straw that animals and sometimes people could draw energy through.  Even at that young age I knew that it was an energy moving through me, not "of" or from me. It never diminished me in any way, but actually served to energize me as well.  

It wasn't until I was in my twenties that I learned about auras and healing energy, and then my experiences started to make sense to me.  I have travelled around the world a bit, and I have lived abroad, spending two years in Lahore, Pakistan.  Over the years, I have studied Reiki, Shamanism, acupressure, energy work, light work, and now, soul readings.  Studying energy work and healing was my passion - something that I did alongside my career, working as an on-call social worker in a hospital Emergency Room, on a hospital peri-natal unit, in a homeless shelter, and as a private therapist.  I am also a school psychologist, currently credentialed in the state of California.  I chose to leave that career behind because I wanted to spend more time with my daughter, and because working with people who choose to listen to their soul and do their own work is a strong calling for me.  And, for me, giving soul readings and teaching is truly a natural culmination of all that has come before! 

My understanding of God/Goddess/All That Is grew from my Lutheran heritage, and has graced my life in so many ways over the years. I have worked closely with several of the Ascended Masters - Mother Mary and Kwan Yin, along with several of the Archangels - and many more now for many years.  Always I am channeling from and through Source, however you refer the Creator/God/Goddess. Through soul readings, I have learned to use my I Am Presence to connect directly with Source and channel from an individual's soul.  In this way I am able to serve others by helping them connect with their highest light, their highest good. 

Be strong.  Stand firm in your faith.  Let all that you do be done with love.

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