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Connect With Your I Am Presence

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Our Soul Essence is available to all of us all the time. We connect with our Soul Essence through our I Am Presence, and ultimately the goal is for each of us to do this for ourselves. And sometimes on the journey, we need an assist.
In a soul reading, through my connection with Source, I become the voice for your soul, and speak to you from your Divine Self, from your Soul Self. Through this experience you will hear the messages that your soul wants to give you through the Masters, Archangels and Other Light Beings, and in the process become more aligned with the essence of your authentic self. You will also be able to communicate directly with your soul self, asking the questions that only your soul could answer for you.



As a parent or grandparent, we are always seeking light and insight into the ways that we can support our children in becoming who they really came to be here on the planet, who they really are in that deepest sense.  A Child Soul Reading assists you in the understanding of your child's gifts and path, and offers assistance with facilitating their conscious evolution and your related evolution as their parent/mentor.

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