R'Delle Anderson

Studying energy in many forms has always been my passion: Reiki, Shamanism, acupressure, energy work, light work, spirituality . . . and that's just in this lifetime - they have all lead me here, to soul readings and to teaching. We are living in a time of powerful change, living at a time when we, as the inhabitants of this planet, have the capacity to help bring about this change with love and light. By living in the Truth of Who We Really Are, we live in our connection to Source. From this place, we are Love and we are Light, and we grace each other's lives with our Presence.

In 2015 I walked the 500 mile Camino de Santiago, beginning in St. Jean Pied de Port , France, across Northern Spain, ending in Santiago, Spain. In 34 days. My call to walk the Camino was powerful and, like so many before me, I began receiving the gifts of the Camino long before I set foot on the sacred path. I am not only not an athlete, I have a reconstructed back with two metal rods and my physical body does not always work so well. Yet, I KNEW without a doubt that I would complete the Camino and that it would take me on a journey higher and deeper like none before. I was not disappointed. The power of the Camino strengthened my connection to Source, and this beautiful light is given to each of your through my readings, taking all of us higher and deeper on this incredible ascension journey that we are all embarking upon.



414 Highland Ave. Trinidad, CA 95570

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