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Studying energy in many forms has always been my passion: Reiki, Shamanism, accupressure, energy work, light work, spirituality . . . and that's just in this lifetime - they have all lead me here, to soul readings and to teaching. We are living in a time of powerful change, living at a time when we, as the inhabitants of this planet, have the capacity to help bring about this change with love and light. By living in the Truth of Who We Really Are, we live in our connection to Source. From this place, we are Love and we are Light, and we grace each other's lives with our Presence.

In 2015 I walked the 500 mile Camino de Santiago, beginning in St. Jean Pied de Port , France, across Northern Spain, ending in Santiago, Spain. In 34 days. My call to walk the Camino was powerful and, like so many before me, I began receiving the gifts of the Camino long before I set foot on the sacred path. I am not only not an athlete, I have a reconstructed back with two metal rods and my physical body does not always work so well. Yet, I KNEW without a doubt that I would complete the Camino and that it would take me on a journey higher and deeper like none before. I was not disappointed. The power of the Camino strengthened my connection to Source, and this beautiful light is given to each of your through my readings, taking all of us higher and deeper on this incredible ascension journey that we are all embarking upon.

Soul Readings from the Northern California Redwoods

Here on the Redwood Coast of Northern California, I have found a magnificent place to live my joy and offer my work to the world! Soul Reading has been such a gift in my life. Helping people to truly come into their own, empowering them to live their truth and to let their incredible and amazing Soul Light shine out into the world has been the most rewarding work I have ever done.

A soul reading session is a wonderful gift to yourself.

When you are ready to reconnect with the truth of Who You Really Are, a soul reading is one of many ways that allows you to receive Divine insights that will help you make clearer decisions in your life.

In a soul reading your soul is communicating information through Source to me that your higher self wants you to know. I become the voice for soul. Your higher self has an overview of your entire life, therefore an incredible perspective on why things have happened the way they have, and what is yet to come. A soul reading allows you to return home to yourself, to your connection to Source. From this place of Presence, you will hear the messages that your soul has to give to you.

It is my intention with these soul readings to empower you to connect with your soul and to stay in connection with your soul on a daily basis. You will be given tools that help you to stay connected or re-connect
with your soul anytime anywhere.


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*If you want to schedule a Soul Reading, please click on Contact Me and email me or you can make your payment and I will contact you to schedule a session*

*All sessions are 45-60 minutes in length.
*Sessions are done over the phone/skype, or if you live in the Trinidad area, in my home.

Cost: $150.00*

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Pay for your Follow-up Soul Reading Here: If you have received a soul reading from me in the past six months and are interested in a follow-up session, pay for your session here.

If it has been over six months, the energy has changed significantly enough that it is considered a new session, so please book your session accordingly. Thank you.

Cost: $100.00*

*All missed Appointments are subject to a $75.00 Reschedule Fee.

I, R’Delle Anderson, am not a doctor, psychotherapist or psychiatrist. I do not provide financial, legal, psychological or medical advice. I do not diagnose medical or psychological conditions, and will not prescribe medication to my clients. My services serve as a complement to, but are in no way a substitute for, psychotherapy or medical care. You must be at least 18 years of age to obtain services from this site. My clients are solely responsible for how they choose to use the information received in their sessions. I do not make any promises, warranties, or guarantees regarding the results of my work, advice, or energy sessions. Energy healing and attunements are considered effective by those that practice and receive this type of work, but like any modality, effects are not felt by everyone.


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