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World Gratitude
I love this website and receive their daily gratitude messages. In everything, give thanks!

All Beings Equal
Alecia is amazing in her ability to connect with our animals, these incredible spirit beings who grace our journey on this planet. Through her, they are able to communicate with us in a way that allows us to appreciate them for all they bring to our lives in a whole new way, and to honor and support them as they have honored and supported us.

Energized Products by Pink Earth
Yasmina Bauernfiend is an extraordinary woman and a friend of mine.  Take the time to check out her website and introduce yourself to her amazing energy ~ and energized products!

When God Shows Off
Check out this site! Kim is an amazing artist and gets right to the heart of the matter in her expression of God/Godde. Enjoy!

Stargate and Prageet
"The Stargate is one of the leading-edge devices that can assist in the rapid expansion of human consciousness." And my friends Prageet and Julianne facilitate the experience so beautifully!

Kim Whiting
So here is another great site of Kim's to check out.  Have fun! 

Baraka Robin Berger
Baraka's art work is exceptional - her talent is extraordinary! Along with Goddesses, Angels and Archetypes, she also paints landscapes. Most amazing of all, however, is her creation of a personal energy portrait just for you!

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