If this work calls to you, and you are interested in learning how to step into your I AM Presence and channel for the Highest Good of yourself, and/or others, please contact me to schedule mentoring/training.  While it is flexible, typically the training involves 12 sessions, and includes not only learning how to channel, but also learning how to set up your business and develop contacts and strategies for getting yourself established. 

On this beautiful planet that we live on, we are in the process of shifting into the new Golden Age.  The planet herself, as with each one of us, is going through her/our own Ascension process.  It is truly essential that each one of us stand firmly in the Light of Who We Truly Are so that our Light can shine out into the world with clarity and intention so that we not only assist with the shift, but support and sustain the shift. 

This work is about the light of play and the play of light.  It is about living at a frequency of joy that empowers everyone and everything that you encounter.  If you are called to work with the Light, then let's get started!

Source/God/Godde, the Archangels and Masters and all of the Other Light Beings delight in your willingness and courage to live with an open heart and from a frequency of joy.

With Gratitude, love and joy, R'Delle


 For those of you CURRENTLY mentoring with me, each Mentoring/Training Session will remain at $99.00, our mutually agreed contract rate, and is purchased prior to the class.



After September 1, 2016, for new students, the Mentoring/Training Sessions will be $125.00/session.


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