What is an attunement? 

Tuning is about bringing something into a harmonious or responsive relationship.  In this case, it is about a spiritual attunement designed by Source and Other Light Beings to assist each of you in bringing your Spiritual Energy Centers, or Chakras, into alignment to better assist you in moving forward with intention.

The Gift of LightWhen our energy centers are vibrating at different frequencies it can become challenging to move forward with synchronicity. As we are awakening to the essence of our True Selves, an attunement allows us to move forward with more ease and grace.  The attunement is about waking up our pre-separation DNA, activating our 12 stranded crystalline DNA, and opening us back up to Unity Consciousness and the Oneness of All That Is. These attunements are permanent.

Right now we are all experiencing the increased vibrational frequencies that are being gifted to this planet, and to the people on this planet who are intentional about their own ascension path.

Each year brings us a new energy vortex that  is bringing profound energies onto the planet, and we are all moving forward, accelerating our ascension journey, moving into and living from our Light Bodies here on the planet.  In some ways, it is like a Light Conception, and moving forward each year, through the Spring Equinox, the Summer Solstice, the Fall Equinox and the Winter Solstice, the energies being shared with us and with the planet build and increasee.  We are moving through an energetic gestation,  and when we are ready we each move to the sacred re-birthing of the Divine Feminine and experience a significant energetic shift from our carbon based DNA to our solar based DNA. One of the blessings of this  Light gift is the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine energies on the planet.  The Hathors   will also be assisting with the Attunement. 

Because there is never an end to our evolution, this gift of Light is also an opportunity to tune to an even higher frequency.  These opportunities for growth and evolution are omnipresent, and they are especially present to us right now, this year. 

As is always the case, each individual will feel a resonance with different teachers and different systems.  Grace is manifold and moves in beautiful and powerful ways so each of us knows when we feel in resonance or are called to connect with a particular opportunity presented.  

So, when and if this frequency resonates within you, I am honored to assist with a connection of the Light Beings who joyfully share this gift.  I am a facilitator and I’ve been gifted with the means to communicate the process and I am honored to share it with whoever is called to receive it.

May this offering be a blessing in your life.


For those of you who have already received a Soul Reading from me, the energy exchange for the Attunement is $250.00 USD.



For those of you who have not received a reading from me, the Masters have asked that you receive a reading first, and then the Attunement. The energy exchange for the Soul Reading and Attunement together is $350.00 USD.




   After receiving the attunement session, I am now able to consciously choose and align to myself. I know if I am or I am not aligned with myself through feelings. I now have my beacon, which is the Light that reminds me of who I am and which guides me back to my authentic self in any moment. I feel more being present and I feel more presence of lives around me than before. I feel changes within me and I feel brighter. If the attunements resonate with you, it is the right time for you. I thank R’Delle for the opportunity. Blessings!    YM   Y

                                                                                        Y.M. Seattle, WA